fear can make you compromise.


“ You might purchase a car or buy an apartment or meet a friend and you are happy. Why do these things bring you happiness? You are attracted to a particular person, or to a particular car, or to a particular apartment made of bricks and cement. It is not the steel, the rubber, or the benzene that brings happiness with the car. Nor is it the bones, flesh, blood, or marrow in a person. When you are happy you recognize the Self within the self, and you are free of desire. When you get a car your hope is gone, your desire for the car has left you. When you meet a friend your desire for the meeting is no longer there. When you buy an apartment your wanting to have an apartment is no longer there. This emptiness without desire or hope has given you happiness. If you know that it is this emptiness from the hope and desire that brings you happiness then you can always keep your mind empty. Then where is the problem to be happy wherever you are - walking, talking, sitting, standing, sleeping - you can be happy. ”

—    Papaji (via oceanandwave)

(via spiritrealmer)


Notes — stop clenching your teeth; don’t ask people questions they can’t say ‘no’ to; stop resenting those who remind you that you’re wrong sometimes; remove ‘this is probably stupid…’ from your vocabulary; go to bed early, wake up early; look people in the eye; fucking up is inevitable, forgive yourself.

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