fear can make you compromise.



We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them”

The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Sofia Coppola

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“ But if these years have taught me anything it is this: you can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in. ”

—    Junot Díaz, from "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" (via weissewiese)

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“ I need the shade of blue that rips your heart out. You don’t see that type of blue around here. ”

—    Cath Crowley, from “Graffiti Moon” (via weissewiese)

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“ If your ideas are bigger than the town you’re in, you’ve got to get out of there. ”

—    Brian Fallon (via the-blues-mary)

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